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By continuing to use our website, you agree you are bound by these terms the entire time. It is critical you take the time to read through these terms and understand them. If you object to any of the terms, you should cease using the website.

Acceptance of Terms of Use.

By using our website and service, you affirm you are at least 18 years old, or you are the parent or guardian of a minor and you agree to these terms on behalf of the minor.

Changes to these Terms.

You agree we may change the terms of service from time to time. When these changes take place, we will post the revision on our website. You can review the changes to our Terms of Use at any time by clicking the link located at the bottom of the site. It is important you routinely check for new updates to the policy. If you continue to use our websites, you agree to the terms on the latest Terms on file.


We respect your privacy. The terms of our privacy policy are located at www.fuseclick.com/privacy. Here, you will find a detailed explanation of the information we collect and how we use it. There is also information listed on how we protect your personal identifying information. It is important you review this information closely as you agree to the terms if you continue to use our website.

Content Ownership.

All content used in connection with our website, is the property of FuseClick. Any use of this information including designs, expression, and arrangement is limited to explicit being provided. You are not permitted to display, copy, modify or create derivative works of any item without this written permission.

Use of the Websites.

You have our permission to use the website for your own person, non-commercial use. While using our website, you agree to not use it in an unlawful manner, such as those which are prohibited in the terms or in a manner which inhibits others from enjoying their use of the website.

Furthermore, you agree to not do the following:
1. Use a tool to hack or cheat the software included on the website.
2. Use any iframe, robots, spiders, crawlers, scrapers or other automated software not being provided by FuseClick. This includes software designed to copy, extract, display, publish, aggregate or distribute content which is found on our website.
3. Attempt to modify our website in any manner which is we haven't previously provided you with authorization to do.

If you know of a violation to any Terms, you are encouraged to contact us at support@fuseclick.com.

Registration and Security.

You have the ability to create an account on some of the FuseClick websites. This allows you to use a user ID and password. When you create an account, you agree to keep it accurate and complete. You also agree to keep the information current at all times. You are responsible for keeping your password confidential and for anything that is done when someone is logged into your account. If you suspect your account has been compromised, it is your responsibility to notify us immediately. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage you experience, should you fail to adhere to these terms.

Copyright Usage/Infringement Notices.

If you believe any of your copyrights are infringed on our website, it is imperative you contact us. We can be reached at the following mailing address:


Links to Third-Party Websites and Content.

We may have links on our website which direct a user to a third party website. Some of these third party websites have their own data collection and solicitation information. FuseClick does not operate or own any of these external websites. We are not accountable for any content found on websites which are linked to on our website. When you visit a third party website, it is important for you to take the time to review their terms and conditions, privacy policy and other governing information.

Modifying/Terminating Websites.

We will regularly update and change the content on our websites. As we do this, we may choose to remove or modify some of the feature and functions on the website. In some cases, we may cease a service entirely. By using our website, you agree we may suspend or terminate your access to the website and features at any time, for any reason. If you learn we have suspended or terminated your right to use our websites, you agree you will not attempt to access it again without authorization from us.

Disputes and Indemnification

It is imperative you take the time to read this section very carefully. This section affects your legal rights as you use our website.

While we hope you won't have any problems with any of our websites, we are here to assist you if you do. We ask that you take the time to contact FuseClick customer support at support@fuseclick.com. If you encounter a problem we cannot fix and you have a claim, cause of action or a dispute involving anyone within the company including officers, affiliates, directors, employees, successors, assigns or agents, as related to the Terms, you must bring the claim up within a year. This is unless the statute of limitations are longer as required by law. If you fail to do so, you lose your rights to bring up this claim.

By using our website, you agree notwithstanding any conflict of law rules, will govern the Terms you agree to and the use of our websites. By continuing to use our website, you agree that you grant exclusive jurisdiction to the law. You agree you will not assign your rights which are found under these terms to anyone else. Nor any claims you have regarding claims against the websites owned by FuseClick.

Furthermore, you agree to hold us harmless from any expenses, damages, claims and losses, including costs such as attorney fees, when you do file a claim. If you have any disputes through our website, including those with FuseClick, you release us from any liability which may arise during a dispute.

Disclaimer of Warranties.

This site is available for use in the state it is in. There are no warranties of any kind for you, when you use our website. FuseClick also disclaims all warranties to the maximum amount allowable under law in terms of warranties and representations. Without limiting the generality of the aforementioned statement, we further extend this to:

1. Warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
2. Warranties against infringement of any third party intellectual property or proprietary.
3. Warranties related to the transmission or delivery of the websites.
4. Warranties in regards to accuracy, correctness, completeness and reliability of data are made available on each of the websites.
5. Warranties which otherwise relate to the performance or nonperformance, including omissions made by FuseClick.

We make absolutely no warranty on our website that this site will meet your need and requirements, or the needs and requirements of others you know. We further expand on this to include:

1. The information provided in our websites are free from errors, omissions, interruptions, defects or delays in operation. Or there are technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.
2. That the website will be available at any particular time or location.
3. That defects or errors in the service will be corrected at any time.
4. The website will be free of viruses or other concerns which may damage your system.

Limitation of Liability.

As permitted by law, we will are in no way liable for any damage you experience from using our website. This includes any misuse of the website, or the inability to access any or all of the website. We further extend this to any errors, interruptions, omissions and other concerns. We are also in no way responsible for transmission failures, delays, viruses you obtain or system failures you experience while using our website. Nor are we responsible for any losses experienced. When you use our website, our aggregate liability is limited to the maximum of $100 or the price you paid for six months of service. Whichever is greater.

The exception is if the law prohibits this in your area. In this case, we limit our liability to the greatest extent permitted under your local laws.


Should there be a time when the terms are considered, unlawful or unenforceable, those sections are considered severed. However, the other terms on this and all our sites remain valid and in effect. If we do not post s new provision of these terms, we are in no way waiving of our rights. For there to be a waiver of rights must be written in a document signed by an authorized representative of FuseClick.

By Mr.FuseClick, May 10, 2015