Features for your custom

Mobile Offer Management

Manage the key properties of mobile ads and tailor them to the whole marketing process, from offer creation and publication to performance billing plan, from global geo-targeting to mobile device targeting, from installation volume restriction to special pricing, etc. Accurate controls allow you to adjust detailed delivery activities to boost their success rate.

Offer Management

Supports offer creation, basic info, defined info, etc., while managing the status of the offer.

Multiple Price Model

Supports multiple performance measurement activities including CPA, CPS, and CPC. You can select a pricing model according to your practical demands during the monetization process in order to employ a variety of advertisers and settlement channels.

Geo Targeting & Device Targeting

Control traffic according to location (accurate to regions) and mobile device. Users who mismatch the geo- or device-targeted traffic can be redirected through multiple settings, which maximizes traffic.

Offer Caps & Special Caps

Full restriction and control over the conversion of offers according to conversion quantity and budget. Set up caps according to limited value: system can automatically push email notifications when the caps limit is reached.

Offer Search & Filter

The speedy search function can help you to quickly locate the offer and check out its detailed info. You can filter offers by various basic conditions or through inputting direct information relating to the offer, such as Offer ID.

Offer Access Control

Gain flexible control of access rights to offers. Three access modes are available: Public, Private and Requires Approval. You can manually approve and authorize access to offers.

Multi-goal Support

Multi-level conversion functionality can be associated with various events from a third-party mobile statistical and analytic tool. This allows more detailed delivery performance analysis, enhances operation and improves delivery efficiency.

Tracking Link Generation

Manually generate a tracking link. This can prevent the offer link from being regularly scanned in a bulk mode from outside automated tools, and reduces the possibility of fraud, protecting the stability of the system and the validity of the data.

Payout Tiers & Special Payout

Set up different payout tiers and grouping offers. Set a special price for publishers according to their traffic quality and conversion state, which correspondingly can be shown in the report and settlement module.