About FuseClick

FuseClick is a mobile performance marketing software committed to providing a stable and efficient third-party SaaS solution for global mobile affiliate networks and performance marketing agencies. Our vision is simple: To save our customers money by providing a better product with quality service and competitive pricing. We designed FuseClick with this vision in mind.

The innovative idea for the core product began early with a desire to help small and medium-sized businesses who focus on global mobile advertising (including emerging markets) to run their businesses quickly steadily, without having to build their own tracking platform. In research, we found that the User Experience Design of many of the current options have remained in the stages available in 2010, refusing to update their UED to accommodate advancements in technology and marketing. The final discovery leading to the innovation of FuseClick came in 2014, when our team and a variety of publishers noticed something odd during testing of a third-party tracking project. Many of the partners involved responded that the redirect speed of mobile tracking on some network sites was still very slow, leading to a drop in conversion rate. All of this led to our decision: To design a new product with a UED that is progressive with regards to advancements in the industry and is highly-efficient. FuseClick is not just software, but a warm and intelligent friend, a right-hand assistant.

Before releasing Version 1.0.1 on September 1st 2015, FuseClick was put through one year of product development as well as three beta testing stages. Since its inception, FuseClick has provided professional support for dozens of global mobile marketing agencies, networks, and advertisers. Our customers benefit from using FuseClick to get insights into their campaigns and publishers, and to leverage that data to adjust their advertising ROI at any time. FuseClick currently helps thousands of mobile brands distribute their APPs to more than 150 countries, reaching over one billion clicks monthly.

Our Values

Easy team management

FuseClick provides a team management mechanism based on roles and permissions, so that you can easily manage your team members, and assign relevant feature permissions and data access according to their respective positions.

Better connectivity

Real-time, detailed data reports help the publishers more efficiently test out high-profit offers. Intelligent assistant tools help network managers to identify the outstanding publishers or internal media buyers.

Save every dollar

Global server nodes, which cause reduction in click miss rate in the complex mobile network environment, paired with accurate tracking technology make mobile devices from every corner of the world quickly respond to your marketing campaigns.